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TerraCloud's expertise resides at the crossroads of technical and human stakes, enabling your teams to leverage AWS Cloud and DevOps capabilities.

Cloud adoption

Starting on the AWS Cloud might seem difficult : with more than 200 services, options are illimited. How to be sure to make good decisions and start with good foundations? What should the migration strategy be? 

For cloud computing to deliver it on its promises (among others: cost reduction, high availability, time-to-market reduction, etc.) it is important to set sound foundations by following a structured approach, including governance, security, network, operations management, cost tracking, etc.

TerraCloud helps you set these foundations and take a good start.

Migration journey
Cloud migration framework

Move your applications to the Cloud

Migrate without any code change, bring minor modifications of the code base, or fully refactoring an app? Use a maintenance window or plan for a zero-downtime migration? To migrate apps on AWS, there are many possibilities..

TerraCloud helps you pour identify the best scenario to migrate each application the the cloud, based on its specific requirements. We also help implement this scenario following best practices in order to limit operations cost.

Cloud migration

Solutions architecture

Traditional, VM based 2-tier or 3-tier architecture or serverless? Cloud-agnostic or cloud native approach? Design to cost or high performance requirements? AWS Cloud offers many possibilities.

Created by an AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional, TerraCloud is able to architect solutions adapted to your specific use case and requirements.

Discover our service offer: AWS Solutions Architecture

Software Architecture

In the last 15 years, new emerging architectural stylesas well as dev methodologies (agile, devops) and associated tooling have make it possible to design applications that overcome the limits development teams were traditionally facing.

Together with scalability issues, maintainability of the code base over time is key. Indeed, here lies the possibility to consider software as a long-lasting asset and not just lost costs.

TerraCloud helps you design or refactor applications.


TerraCloud, thanks to its experience, has a strong conviction; velocity, speed are byproducts of quality. DevOps practices, automating the software factory as well as operations, are a key success factor.

Public cloud, with its API/automation capabilities, is a key enabler. Infrastructure-as-code management also prevents you to keep (and pay for) unused capacity.

TerraCloud helps you automate from end to end all your company cloud-based assets.

DevOps, à la croisée de l'humain et de la technique
DevOps stands at the cross roads of people and tech, dev and ops.

Formation AWS

Préparez vos équipes au mieux pour appréhender le cloud en toute sérénité grâce à notre offre de formation.


Des parcours de formation et de certification par profil
Des parcours de formation et de certification par profil

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