Who am I?

Paul Santus is a freelance consultant and AWS cloud architect. For 15 years he has helped organizations (consultancies, software editors, and end-user companies) manage their information systems and software products.


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TerraCloud's expertise

At the crossroads of technical and human stakes 


"I had the pleasure of working for 5 years with Paul on the development of Energy-Pool's VPP product. I was particularly impressed by Paul's ability to address the different layers of complex problem from strategy to technical delivery. Paul is able to understand and formalize new business requirements translat them into technical specifications and drive teams, in delivering software with a remarkable effectiveness. Paul is credible and convincing with Business stakeholders, and excels in engaging and challenging technical experts."
J.-P. Duchatel, Head of Software Business Unit, Energy Pool
Customer feedback

Our commitments


  • The transformation is never first and foremost technological.
  • Systems reflect the organization's structure (Conway's Law)  
  • People learn by doing  

➔ TerraCloud wants to be a " Cloud Sherpa " for your teams

Quality is the baseline

  • Velocity is a by-product of quality.
  • In 2023, IT can (and needs) to be considered as a long-lasting, evolutive, asset.
  • Quality comes through regular feedback and metrics.

➔ TerraCloud has a  strong DevOps culture..

Dive deep, think ahead

  • Don't sacrifice long lasting value for low-value emergencies
  • Yet, identify long-lasting value that can be created NOW..

➔ TerraCloud's willing to give a sharp, yet high-level, point of view..

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